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Poetry Evening

I held a poetry evening on Thursday 6th May at 6pm (GMT) online, where I read a collection of mental health poetry and prose from my book, “The Many Faces of Mental Illness,” which were written in my Realigning Thoughts Workshops. I advertised for this on my Instagram page and, the evening was free but attendeesContinue reading “Poetry Evening”


Can rearranging your words realign your thoughts?

From both personal research and a selection of workshops I have so far gathered that rearranging your words can begin to realign your thoughts. That said, it may be an activity that helps in the present moment and so further work needs to be done to discover if long term effects can happen. The workContinue reading “Can rearranging your words realign your thoughts?”

Realigning Thoughts & Poetry Workshop

My second (virtual) workshop was an extension of the previous one, answering the question again can we realign our thoughts by rearranging our words. I held two workshops on Wednesday 30th December at 2pm and 6pm. I believed holding these workshops before the end of 2020 was a positive and calming way to end theContinue reading “Realigning Thoughts & Poetry Workshop”