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Poetry Evening

I held a poetry evening on Thursday 6th May at 6pm (GMT) online, where I read a collection of mental health poetry and prose from my book, “The Many Faces of Mental Illness,” which were written in my Realigning Thoughts Workshops. I advertised for this on my Instagram page and, the evening was free but attendees could make an optional donation to Mind Charity. I raised £60 for Mind Charity from this event.

I had one poet share two of her poems on mental health, which was a lovely addition to the evening. She mentioned at the end of the event, “thank you for giving me a safe space to read my poems.” It was nice that the online event became not only a place to share, read and discuss poetry, but a place to be open and honest about mental health/illness. I felt the evening was the perfect way to bring my project and workshops together.

Next, I will be selling these poetry books, non-profit but with an optional donation to Mind Charity.

Gabrielle Spooner // Friday 7th May 2021


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