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How does it look?
A collection of recorded videos on YouTube. Each video is a separate exercise from the Realigning Thoughts Workshop Series, and are between 3 – 7 minutes long. Throughout the videos there is a written explanation of each part of the method, making it easy for people to pause and go along with the video in their own time. (Shown in photos below).

How does it operate?
On a YouTube series, which enables people to access the videos whenever they want. They are short and quick exercises that intend to help improve mental wellbeing immediately.

How does it develop?
I have explained in the description of each video to send me any work created from the videos, or use the hashtag #Realignmythoughts if posting the work on Instagram.

Link to Realigning Thoughts YouTube Series

OBJECT 2: POETRY BOOK, “The Many Faces of Mental Illness.”

How does it look?
The design of the book is linked to the Realigning Thoughts theme, with each sentence looking like it has been cut-up and rearranged. I chose the book to be shades of yellow, as after a poll held on my Instagram page of, ‘What colour most represents joy for you?’ Yellow won 55% of the votes. Therefore, I decided that yellow would be the most appropriate colour to make the mental health poetry book, as it reflects the positive and warming effect the book

How does it operate?
The poetry book is a collection of mental health poetry and prose created in my Realigning Thoughts Workshops. There is a section at the back for the user to add their own poem / prose to the book, allowing them to see how effective expressing yourself through poetry can be.

How does it develop?
I will be holding a poetry evening on Thursday 6th May 2021 at 6pm (GMT) online, where I am raising money for Mind Charity. I will also sell these books non-profits with an optional donation of £5 to Mind.

OBJECT 3: FLIP-BOOK, “Flipping Through Emotions.”

How does it look?
The book is shades of turquoise because the blue in it represents peace, calm and tranquillity, the green represents balance and growth, whilst the yellow in it brings uplifting energy. The Flip-book has 3 different shades of turquoise to indicate the 3 different sentences clearly, allowing the user to work on one sentence at a time. The white flaps are so the user can blank out the sentences, so again can concentrate on one at a time.

How does it operate?
The Flip-book is intended for young adults, teenagers and children. Instructions within the book a simple easy to follow. Whilst the young adults and teenagers can use the book by themselves; children would need to have an adult’s guidance to help them follow the instructions and fill it in.

How does it develop?
The book has 4 questions to fill out at the end to reflect on the benefits of using it and what other methods help their mental wellness. I may also sell these books non-profit with an optional donation of £5 to Mind.

Gabrielle Spooner // Tuesday 4th May 2021


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