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My Process

Project Statement:
To understand yourself and your mind, you need to know the causes, trauma, and childhood experiences that caused your mind to think that way. To heal you need to understand.

Perhaps a way to understand oneself is to collect your thoughts and write them down. No preparing, just writing as you think. Allow all feelings to appear on the page. No pressure of how it sounds or looks, just write until you feel you want to. Look back at these writings. Can they be reiterated to sound more positive, or perhaps make more sense.

Can we realign our thoughts by rearranging our words?

Realigning Thoughts is a collection of methods that help manage mental illness, that isn’t through professional treatment (e.g., talking therapies) and/or medication. These methods aim to realign negative and intrusive thoughts into more positive ones, using a range of exercises that work by themselves and in combination. These methods are first researched on myself and then executed through online workshops.

These methods have been developed and created by me, with inspiration from others. They are new and/or additional methods for individuals to use to help aid their mental health issues. This is not a new form of ‘therapy’ or ‘professional treatment,’ but a way people can manage their mental health issues by themselves. It is not intended to be a replacement for existing mental health treatments, but rather additional and reflective exercises people can do alongside professional treatment, whilst they’re waiting for treatment or simply a way to continue keeping a healthy and calm mind.

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