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Flipping Through Emotions

The mental health flip book or ‘Flipping Through Emotions’ book, is a development of the Realigning Thoughts Workshops. The flip book is another way to look at realigning negative and intrusive thoughts into more positive ones. When creating this object I took influence from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), as during this form of therapy you look at changing negative thought patterns to influence positive feelings and lifestyle. The flip book is a simplified tool of doing this, as you take 3 negative thoughts and then can flip to numerous positive alternatives. It allows the individual to not only see how many different ways a negative thoughts can be changed, but also help them to express themselves.

Filled in Flip book.

“The most effective way of changing a misinterpretation…Is to help the person come up with an alternative, less threatening interpretation of his or her experience.” (Salkovskis, Paul, 1996). This quote from Clinical psychologist Paul Salkovskis has inspired me with the creation of this flip book, as it offers multiple and alternative ways to look at a negative thought or ‘misinterpretation.’

The design of the flip book is to make the product as clear and simple as possible. The first ‘flips’ are blank and white, so the individual using the product can concentrate on one sentence at a time, or all at once if desired. Each sentence is different shades of blue/green to show where the different sentences start and finish. The reason the book is blue/green is because these colours are often associated with mental health and also similar colours were used in my Realigning Thoughts Workshop Add. Lastly, there is pages at the back titled ‘Mental Health Reflection,’ so the user can reflect not only on the benefit of this book but also other ways they can help their mental wellbeing.

To be filled in, flip book.

I intend to create two types of the flip book. The first being one that is already filled in, that is personal to me. The second has gaps for the individual to fill in themselves, with prompts of what and where to write. This allows the flip book to be personal for whomever wishes to use it.

Gabrielle Spooner // Thursday 22nd April 2021


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