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Taking The Symptoms Sign Out

I decided to take the canvas out in Waterloo as this is a popular spot for buskers and performers, meaning there would be enough people around for interactions to happen. I walked around Waterloo Station, Southbank and across Waterloo Bridge, handing out the cards with the exercise and question on to passers by. I was able to explain my project / concept to a couple of people, but due to spending 3 1/2 months in Lockdown, my confidence to approach people had decreased, making this experience take me out of my comfort zone.

I was lucky that within 5 minutes of me taking my canvas out, I had an interesting and inspiring conversation with a member of the public. She mentioned how she was interested in the power of the word, which drew her to my Symptoms Sign. She also asked me if I had any experience with this topic of mental health, which led to me being open and honest about myself. This conversation has directed me to think about and explain the power of these rearranged words and sentences, which hopefully will lead my project to be developed and expanded further. I have also intended to be open and honest throughout this project, such as within my workshops, and will continue to do so.

On my way home, I decided to leave the remainder of the cards in various places around Waterloo and on public transport. I hoped that people would find them, pick them up and do the short Realigning Thoughts exercise explained on them. I put my Instagram and hashtag of #Realignmythoughts on the cards, so people could either send me their work or tag me in it on Instagram. So far, I have not had any interaction, although this does not mean people haven’t interacted with my Realigning Thoughts exercise.

Going forwards, I will be reflecting on my experience with taking this sign out in public, and perhaps develop it visually. I may think to redesign and make the sign to fit with the Realigning Thoughts collection.

Gabrielle Spooner // Monday 12th April


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