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Realigned Mental Illness Symptoms, Sign

I decided to realign the general signs and symptoms of mental illnesses. The point is that these sentences sounded negative before I rearranged them. They were factual, but the dark realities of mental illness. This rearranging shows how words can quickly be changed from one meaning to another, showing that our negative thoughts are not as powerful as they seem inside our heads, as they are simply just words.

I have further developed this object with enlarging it onto a 110cmX80cm canvas. I created this by painting the canvas white and writing each word on separate pieces of card, sticking them onto the canvas. I am planning to take this to Waterloo in London, to raise mental health awareness.

Alongside this I have made Realigning Thoughts cards to hand out to people, which have the exercise, ‘Try writing out a negative thought or feeling, then rearrange each word to create a more positive sentence,’ on one side, and the question, ‘Can we realign our thoughts by rearranging our words?’ on the other side. This is to introduce more people to the Realigning Thoughts method that helps mental wellbeing. I have also created the hashtag #Realignmythoughts, so if people create an Instagram post using the Realigning Thoughts method, they can use this. Perhaps it will also form a community of people who use this method to help their mental health.

This will become an artefact on its own, as part of the Realigning Thoughts series. The interactions with the public when I take this sign and cards out, will determine the further development and outcome of this object.

Gabrielle Spooner // Wednesday 7th April 2021


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