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Workshop Videos

Back in February I created a Realigning Thoughts Workshop series, which I held weekly on Fridays at 11am & 2pm. I have therefore decided to gather all the exercises & methods formed for these workshops & make them into short 5-minute videos. I decided this was the best way to collect all the work created for these workshops. This allows anyone to access the different exercises for whenever suits them.

Each video is an exercise from the Realigning Thoughts Workshop Series. I decided to make them all individual & short clips so people can use these methods quickly & effectively. It also allows people to fit them into their busy lives. I believe that people are more likely to part-take in the activities if the videos are short, simple & effective.

I believe each of these exercises that I have put into the videos are useful & help to realign negative & intrusive thoughts into more positive ones. I not only hope that these methods will help people with overthinking, low mood & mental health issues, but also help to raise awareness around the subject of mental health.

I have promoted the release of these videos on my Instagram, hopefully enabling a wider audience to be met. The first video will be released on Monday 5th April & then I will proceed to release the following every Monday of April.

Link to the YouTube series: Realigning Thoughts

Gabrielle Spooner // Wednesday 31st March 2021


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