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Going Back to the Start.

To move forwards with my project I felt it was necessary to go back to the start and rediscover where my interests lie. I relearnt that I took influence from the work ‘Yoga’ which derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ meaning “to join” or “to unite.” This led to me wanting to create something that joined or united people, which developed into the Realigning Thoughts online Workshops.

I decided to do the daily rearranging of negative sentences into more positive ones again, as this is essentially where my main project ideas lie. The meaning of starting this daily exercise, which developed throughout my workshops and is continuing to do so, is to understand difficult thoughts and emotions. In order to understand yourself and your mental health, it is necessary to know the causes, trauma and childhood experiences. Taking part in this daily practice again helped to re-situate my project and allow me to take it to the next level.

My main inspiration of the base of my project, rearranging negative sentences, is from William Burroughs who developed ‘the cut-up method’ in 1959. He discovered and believed that when you experiment with cut-ups over a period of time it seems to refer to future events.

“When you cut into the present, the future leaks out,” this quote from William Burroughs influenced the next stage of my project. I wanted to use this method of Realigning Thoughts, where you take negative aspects, thoughts or emotions from the present to “leak out” a more positive future.

Thus, this lead me to create a series of artefacts that all link together in some from through the Realigning Thoughts basis:

The Poetry Book – includes poems that were created in my online workshops and are mental health themed. Each line of each poem is created to look like it’s cut up, rearranged and stuck back together, to stick with the Realigning Thoughts theme.

The Mental Health Flip book – the idea of this artefact is to write a negative sentence on the first page and then flip and change each sentence to create new, positive phrases. This allows the individual using it to see all the positive variations of one negative sentence.

Rearrange Mental Illness Symptoms – I rearranged the common mental illness signs and symptoms to sound more positive.

Rearranged Diagnosis Form – I took an anxiety and depression diagnosis form and rearranged each word to create a more positive form. Almost one you could use on your own as a reflection exercise, or a form to ‘diagnose’ your better mental health.

Going forwards I want to create more Realigning Thoughts artefacts, I am currently making an ‘OCD Rearranged Diagnosis Form.’

Gabrielle Spooner // Monday 15th March 2021


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