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Realigning Thoughts Workshop Series 04

Realigning Thoughts and Poetry.
Friday 26th February 2021 at 11 am and 2 pm (GMT).

The final workshop of the series consisted of a selection of exercises from the previous 3 workshops. The exercises included:
Rearranging negative sentences into positive ones.
Using colour to identify emotions and personifying them.
Group work of sharing positive words / phrases.
Creation of poetry or prose from the realigned positive sentence.

Having a combination of the workshops from throughout the month allowed all the work and techniques be brought together and be put into effect.

The workshop ended with an opportunity for participants to share any work they have created throughout the workshop series. More people shared this week than any other week which was really lovely to be a part of. It showed that some people had become more comfortable within the space, which was one of the original intentions.

The sharing of mental health inspired work is both beneficial for the individual sharing but also the people listening. To share work that is influenced from you own mental struggles is liberating and confidence boosting, because it is stepping away from the shame and isolation that mental illness causes. Listing to others work allows people to see that they aren’t the only one experiencing mental health struggles, which not only makes you feel less alone but also inspired by ways people are helping themselves.

I sent out an online workshop feedback from, and here are some of the results:

Realigning Thoughts.
Gabrielle Spooner // Monday 1st March 2021


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