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Realigning Thoughts Workshop Series 03

Realigning Thoughts and Today.
Friday 19th February 2021 at 11 am and 2 pm (GMT).

Week 3 of the Realigning Thoughts Workshop Series reflected on the present moment, today. The workshops were slighting shorter this week as I decreased the number of activities so participants could concentrate on specific feelings and thoughts more specifically.

The first exercise was rearranging negative sentences into more positive ones. Although this week it was slightly different:

> Write out negative thought / sentence.
> Cut up the sentence.
> Pick about 3 or 4 negative words out, flip them over, and write the opposite/ positive version of that word on the back.
> Rearrange sentence.

Realigning Thoughts by Rearranging Words.

Rearranging the sentences in a different way this week, allows participants to see that words are simply that, just words.

Also, changing the most negative words into their opposite, adds extra positivity to the exercise.

The next exercise was to spend 5 minutes expressing you are feeling today, in the moment, using words or drawings of both. The aim is to try and not stop writing for the full time given, as this method can help relieve feelings of anxiety, stress and worry.

Following this, I asked each participant to write in the chat one word or phase to explain how they were feeling today. This could be taken out of the previous expression they just wrote or something different. The final exercise was to then write a piece of poetry or prose to express how they’re feeling today, using one of the words or phases that the group has shared, if it applies to them. The poem/prose wasn’t supposed to be particularly positive, it was about communicating how they feel!

The workshop ended with a couple people sharing their creations of poetry and prose, which formed a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Realigning Thoughts.
Gabrielle Spooner // Monday 22nd February 2021


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