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Work In Progress

Work in progress presentation was held on Thursday 18th February.

I presented my work through a video advert and graphical poster, to summarise the general idea of my project; creating alternative methods to cope with mental health that isn’t through therapy or with medication. These methods are researched through workshops, that are open for all, titled ‘Realigning Thoughts.’

Realigning Thoughts Workshop Series Advert.
Realigning Thoughts Workshop Series Advert Poster.

After receiving feedback, I learnt that the next stages of my project are:

> Change the definition of the project idea.
> What is my role as as designer within these workshops / process?
> What part am I interested in designing (within the workshops)?
> Refining the notion the rearranging words.
> What is the genre?

Therefore, going forwards I will concentrating on developing the activities within the workshops, along with the workshop plan. I will still be holding workshops but less often. I want to look at the workshops from the other-side by getting someone else to run them, enabling me to make additional and effective changes.

I will also be redefining my project idea / explanation, alongside situating the workshops in a particular genre. This will help me to further understand and expand my project and it’s aims.

Gabrielle Spooner // Monday 22nd February 2021


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