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Realigning Thoughts Workshop Series 02

Realigning Thoughts and Safe Space.
Friday 12th February 2021 at 11 am and 2 pm (GMT)

This week was on creating a safe space. A place to take yourself to when difficult times arise. The workshop began with a meditation again, this weeks affirmation being, “I am safe, within this space.” The meditation was based around creating a safe space within the mind, concentrating on the sounds, textures, colours and what can be seen.

The workshop included the same exercise of rearranging the negative thought/sentence into a more positive one. The addition to this exercise this week, was to think about the space between the negative and positive thoughts/sentences. A place where you find yourself when you’re not necessarily feeling completely negative, but where you struggle to completely pick yourself up and be positive. This space between is somewhere where you can say, “I am okay.”

The exercise was to describe this in-between place. Answering questions such as, what do you feel in the space between the negative and positive thoughts? Do you feel safe or uneasy? Do you come here a lot?

“In between I feel…”

The point of this activity is to not only accept that some days you cannot completely turn the negative thoughts around, but also to realise when you are here, it is a good opportunity to take yourself to your safe space. Which leads onto the next activity, to describe your safe space, either by writing it or drawing it, or both. I asked the participants to concentrate on what they could hear, touch, and see, and what colour stand out? I also asked them to think of one phase or word they could repeat to themselves within this safe space to help take themselves there, such as this weeks affirmation, “I am safe, within this space.”

The last activity of the workshop was to explain how you get to your safe space. The first part was for the participants to share some ideas, which included, meditation, colour visualisation, music and yoga. The second part was to spend a few minutes explaining to how you get to your safe space, starting with the prompt:

“Dear me, I found this place…”

The reasons for creating a safe space in detail is because It’s enables the individual to find this place more accessible within their mind. Realising that you can use your imagination to reach a place of comfort doing negative times, is extremely powerful. Taking yourself there is a form of meditation, which has been proven to drastically improve mental well-being. Lastly, telling yourself exactly how you get to the safe space, will help the individual to remember this during hard times.

Workshop Feedback // Graphical Version.

Realigning Thoughts.
Gabrielle Spooner // Monday 15th February 2021


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