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Can rearranging your words realign your thoughts?

From both personal research and a selection of workshops I have so far gathered that rearranging your words can begin to realign your thoughts. That said, it may be an activity that helps in the present moment and so further work needs to be done to discover if long term effects can happen.

The work included has been:
> Turning negative thoughts into positive ones through cutting up the sentence and rearranging it.
> Associating colour with the negative and positive sentences, in order to dissect the words.
> Creating a poem from the newly rearranged positive sentence.

The workshops held have been cathartic and a nice support network to all involved. The activities done within the workshop have been effective, as I have gathered from feedback. Alongside that, the dynamic of sharing your thoughts and discussing this within a group has formed a haven. It was warming to talk with others about their emotions, even if their thoughts were slightly different. I believe these workshops can develop with both the activities within and warming benefits of sharing with like-minded individuals. The workshops have answered the question, “Can rearranging your words realign your thoughts?” And formed an awareness for mental health.

Feedback received from the most recent workshops:

“You’ve inspired me to write a journal.”

“That made me really emotional, I felt a release of emotion.”

“Today’s workshop meant a lot.”

“Thank you for this support network.”

“It was nice to share and speak about thoughts.”

Moving forwards, I am going to further develop my Realigning Thoughts Workshops and expand the idea of associating colour with emotions.

Gabrielle Spooner // Thursday 7th January 2020


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