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Realigning Thoughts Workshop

Friday 11th December at 2pm. The workshop consisted of one small activity that lasted 15 – 20 minutes. The activity was to answer the question, can we realign our thoughts by rearranging our words?

During the (virtual) workshop, I directed everyone to write a negative thought, either one that has been bothering them lately or a general one. Then I instructed everyone to cut up each word individually and rearrange them into a more positive sentence. I also partook in the activity along withe everyone else and below is my example of thoughts realigned.

Day 16 of Realigning Thoughts Daily.

I found the workshop gave me a fun and effective opportunity to engage with people and their thoughts. It was really interesting and lovely to hear people change their thoughts from negative to positive. After the activity I asked people to answer two questions for me:

1. Any improvements on the workshop?

“It would be good to try and rearrange them again, to try and make multiple positive outcomes from one negative.”

“A few more exercises in the session that all work the same way in rewiring the way we think about ourselves.”

“Have more of a discussion element, like a conversational topic.”

2. Was the workshop effective for you?

“Yeah I do think it was effective, definitely good to spin negative thoughts like that!”

“It dismantled negative thoughts and it’s something you can always come back to mentally to help you cope with any compulsive thoughts about yourself or a situation you are in.”

“It made me feel included, like I’m not alone.”

“Honestly meant a lot to me.”

“I’m definitely going to use that technique all the time! It made me feel so so positive after!”

Workshop in Action.

The outcome and feedback after the workshop was great to hear and I am so pleased that such a small task can be so effective in helping others, and myself, change the way we think about ourselves and/or a situation.

In regards to future workshops I will be taking on board the feedback and kind comments that I received after this one. I am hoping to gather a few more exercises, around 3 to 4, and hold another workshop in the near future all around the theme of realigning thoughts. I believe that with time I can create a series of workshops that can be useful and beneficial to helping those not only with mental health issues, but also those without. We all have negative thoughts, we all have a lack of confidence sometimes and so it is important to create a safe place where we are comfortable to talk about them, and be able to change them into positive thoughts in only a few minutes.

I will be holding another workshop that follows the same structure as this one on Monday 14th December at 6pm (GMT) and will hope to gather more feedback to enable me to develop the Realigning Thoughts Workshops further.

Gabrielle Spooner // Friday 11th December


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