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Realigning Thoughts.

Perhaps a way to know yourself is to collect your thoughts and write them down. No preparing, just writing as you think. Allow all feelings to appear on the page. No pressure of how it sounds or looks, write until you feel you want to.

Look back at these writings. Can they be reiterated to sound more positive, or perhaps make more sense? Can we realign our thinking by rearranging our words?

I began an activity this week of writing down how I felt and then cutting up all the words separately to rearrange the sentences. The negative and anxious views began to be aligned differently, thus forming a more positive outlook. I have been and will continue to do this every day to research the question if we can reorganise our words, can we restructure our thoughts? 

Overthinking can be a huge cause for a crash in mood and negative thought patterns about yourself and life. It can be incredibly challenging to discuss what is going on inside your head, especially when you struggle to understand the thoughts yourself. That said, when you do finally let someone in on the way your mind thinks it can be helpful and, in my opinion, allow weight to be lifted off my shoulders. As the old saying goes, “a problem shared is a problem halved.” 

I will be writing and readjusting my words in the hope it will form a benefit. Perhaps these sentences, that do not always make sense due to the limited amount of words, will create new meanings. It could be that I turn these jumble of words into poems or stories. Why does everything have to make sense? Because in reality, the thoughts that are processed through overthinking rarely make sense at all. The result I wish for is not highly well-structured sentences, but words that make you feel a sense of joy. I want the act of realigning my thoughts to cause a halt on the overthinking and make me become aware that I have the power. After all, I am the one who thinks them.

Below is an example of my sentence rearranging from Day 1 – 23rd November 2020:

Gabrielle Spooner // 26 November 2020


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